Cake Toppers


I think we’ve all had a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion cake which has looked ‘too good to cut’!

Have you ever thought about having a Cake Topper? This custom made topper is designed to detach from the top of the cake, leaving the topper intact when the cake is being cut.

The design of your choice is expertly handmade in sugar dough and set up on a cake board which can be attached (using just a small amount of icing) to the top of an already prepared cake.

When the cake is ready to be cut, the board simply lifts off, the cake can be cut and the topper can be kept as a memento of your special day!

Cake Toppers are great for any occasion such as christenings, birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries and can be made to fit any size and shape of cake.

Prices will be dependent upon the size and complexity of the design, which is all discussed with you before you place the order.

Please contact Cakes By Moi by phone or email to discuss your requirements.

Cakes By Moi covers Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

Bespoke Topper for Joint 50th and 89th